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What is the CRM?

Denomination of Origin (DO) is a type of geographical indication that identifies products that are unique and have a distinct connection to a particular region or place. Mezcal, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from agave plants in Mexico, has been granted DO protection by the Mexican government since 1994. This means that mezcal produced outside of specific regions in Mexico cannot be labeled as mezcal, just like champagne produced outside of the Champagne region in France cannot be labeled as such.

The DO designation for mezcal is granted by the Mexican government's Regulatory Council of Mezcal (CRM), which is responsible for overseeing the production, labeling, and certification of mezcal. To receive DO protection, mezcal producers must adhere to strict production standards and must use only the agave species allowed by the CRM. The production process must also be carried out within the specified regions of Mexico.

One of the key benefits of DO protection for mezcal is that it helps to preserve the cultural heritage and traditions of the regions where it is produced. Mezcal has been an important part of Mexican culture and history for centuries, and DO protection helps to ensure that the traditional methods of production are respected and passed down through generations.

DO protection for mezcal also helps to protect consumers from fraudulent labeling and imitation products. With the proliferation of mezcal's popularity, some producers outside of Mexico have tried to capitalize on its success by producing imitation mezcal or labeling products incorrectly. DO protection ensures that only mezcal produced within the specific regions of Mexico can be labeled as such, giving consumers confidence in the authenticity of the product they are purchasing.

Finally, DO protection for mezcal has helped to create a sense of pride and identity among producers in Mexico. By ensuring that only mezcal produced in specific regions can be labeled as such, it has helped to create a sense of uniqueness and exclusivity around the product. This has not only helped to increase demand for authentic mezcal but has also helped to create a sense of pride and heritage among Mexican mezcal producers.

Ultimately, the DO protection granted to mezcal by the Mexican government is an important step in preserving the cultural heritage, traditions, and authenticity of this unique distilled beverage. It has helped to protect consumers from imitation products, created a sense of pride among producers in Mexico, and ensured that traditional methods of production are respected and preserved for generations to come. By recognizing the unique qualities and importance of mezcal to Mexican culture, the DO protection helps to maintain the integrity and authenticity of this beloved beverage.


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