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2023 SFWSC Double Gold Med. Artwork.png
2023 SFWSC Double Gold Med. Artwork.png

SF World Spirits 2023
Double Gold Winner

"A fine spectrum of hillside agave mineral flavors with familiar Raicilla elements. A bit sweet, pleasantly so, not overly. Mild pepper and citrus with some mid-palate heat at a decent 45% ABV. Tequila like in intensity with a mezcal mid and nice lingering aftertaste."


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What was supposed to be two friends adventuring through Latin America quickly turned into broke and stranded in the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Nearly out of hope and water, we were taken in by a family operating a small mezcal Palenque (distillery) in the region.

Everything at the Palenque was run by the women of the family. From roasting the agave to distilling and bottling; the women ran the show.

The family shared both their generosity and their mezcal with us, and in turn we now share their spirit with the world: Mezcal Mestiza Negra

     - Alex and Shervin

  • Produced in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Artesanal (Artisanal)

  • 100% Espadín aged 8-10 years on our family farm

  • Cut by coa and machete

  • Cooked in an underground river stone oven, roasted with Encino wood

  • Crushed by horse-drawn tahona mill

  • Wild open-air fermentation

  • Double distilled with copper still and coil

  • 45% alcohol by volume

  • Joven (Blanco) finish

“Enticing, interesting, and complex for an Espadin. The berry character is particularly fun, and makes for a great welcome to drinkers - new and veteran, alike.”
                                                                              – West Spirits


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Doña Juana was born May 8, 1950. Her parents were involved in mezcal production on her father's side. In those days, entire families were dedicated to mezcal production and agave planting. Unfortunately, her father passed away at a very young age, and she became responsible for commercializing her family’s mezcal, familiarizing herself with each stage of mezcal production. Doña Juana’s late husband, Don Serafín, founded our distillery in 1960. Initially owned by a relative, Don Serafín worked as a sharecropper at just 17 years old, later acquiring it for himself. It started like many other palenques of the time: Without a roof and with very little infrastructure. The planting of our first agaves did not take long, happening around 2-3 years later. After his passing, Doña Juana took control of all aspects of the operation, from planting to distillation, formulating our mezcal with the precise methods used since its inception. In the words of Doña Juana: “Con esfuerzo, dedicación y disciplina se puede alcanzar cualquier objetivo, no importa que tan alto sea,” or, “With effort, dedication, and discipline, any goal can be achieved, no matter how high it may be.”

Doña Juana Escobar Bautista


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